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Surf Lessons

Surfing is a great sport to be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels.
It is a great way to pick up a new sport or even just an excuse to get into the great outdoors.

Group lessons take place in waist deep water so don’t worry if you aren’t confident in the water.

Our Surf School is approved by the Irish Surfing Association and all instructors are qualified beach lifeguards.

Our Group lessons include
These lessons are 1½ hours long.
20 minute basic instruction, techniques, and stretching.
70 minute minutes surf/water instruction.
Water safety/Awareness.
Paddling/positioning on the board.

To Book Call 087 7443732.

Beginner Group lessons cost €40 for adults and €30 for kids (from 8 to 16yrs). Group lessons subject to availability.

We have a discounted scale for adults doing a number of lessons on consecutive days:
3 for €100,
4 for €130,
5 for €160.

Private Lessons

Some surfers prefer not to learn within a group setting, so we cater for this with our expert private tuition all year round. Suitable for all ages, private lessons enable you to acquire good basic techniques for beginners / improver’s in surfing.

These lessons are 1½ hours long and cater for 1 or 2 students.

All equipment provided and changing rooms available.
Lesson times are subject to availability

1 Student €90
2 Students €65 each

Intermediate / Improvers

For those of you who can comfortably catch waves and are looking to progress their surfing this advanced class is the perfect opportunity to fine tune your skills. We keep the groups smaller so you can get the best out of each session.
If you have your own board bring it along. If you are having problems

– Duck diving,
– Positioning in line up,
– Taking off in forming waves,
– Wave selection
– Catching waves
– Our instructors are here to help!!!

Classes are grouped with surfers of a similar ability and experience so that the topics covered are relevant to that particular group.